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“Equam-La aims at advancing the Latin American Higher Education Space in areas such as recognition of degrees and credits across borders by reinforcing and connecting quality assurance systems for higher education, in which universities and QA agencies are key partners and drivers. “

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November, 19th, 2020

PMT meeting in U. Murcia website

The Universiad de Murcia echoes in its website the PMT meeting held the past October 19th. 

You can acces the article by clicking in more information or by visiting https://www.um.es/

20201019 Reunion EQUAM-LA -Cartel y titu

October 19th, 2020

First PMT meeting 

The first Project Management Team Meeting was held on October 19th.

During the meeting, participants evaluated the activities carried out so far since the project was launched last May. In addition, they discussed and coordinated the next steps of the project.

September, 2020

Equam-La in the University of Panama newsletter

The September newsletter of the University of Panama, members of the Equam-La consortium, echoes the KOM of the project.


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